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1869 Three Cent Nickel FS-302

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I was meandering around a popular auction house a little while ago looking for Re-punched date (RPD) Indians or Shield Nickels without much luck. A three cent nickel shows up in one of those auction house style ads. It had 15 minutes to go. I decided to take a quick look at the coin to see if it had an Overdate or RPD.

 To me it looks like the 1869 Three Cent Nickel FS-302. The coin may be a XF/AU. I can see LIBERTY pretty clearly with the photos that were  provided.

  It was set up as a bidding war thing, BUT I didn’t want to start a bid war, so I signed in and put in my bid. I waited until time almost expired before I hit the bid button. No problem, I won it with dollars to spare.

 Looking at the photos on a popular auction house, all the of “United States of America” looks like machine doubling. Ahhhhh, Longacre was a player in creating this coin. That can explain everything. I will have to research the coin to see if they re-punched just the date or the entire stinking die. Bets are they did the date and the rest is some widespread machine / Longacre doubling. The PCGS example has a lot more wear on the reverse than the coin I just purchased off a popular auction house. 

It looks like it has some “drama” to it, and that’s the reason I went for the coin. I can see the secondary punching that is to the south of the primary. While bidding was active, I had to ensure the 1869 had a valid RPD for this coin, and it does.


One down, billions of coins to look at, laugh at, and I buy just a few unique ones.


Obverse looks XF, I cannot tell if LIBERTY was simply a weak strike or if it is wear. There is wear on the hair, unless the photo simply drowned out all of the details.

1869 Three Cent Nickel FS 302 Re-punched date


The reverse of this 1869 Shield Nickel, FS-302 looks Uncirculated. There might be a touch of wear on the III symbol. Let's conservatively give the reverse a AU-58, although I could see this reverse as a lot higher, but since the obverse looks slightly circulated, it will probably come back as a AU coin.

1869 Three Cent Nickel FS 302 Re-punched date


The only price at PCGS is for a MS64 version of this coin, and that is going for $375.00.  I would have to guess, but this coin can probably fetch $70.00 to $90.00. 

A decent find for a last second research and quick bid.



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