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I was on a popular auction house and I seen a seller with a lot of Indian Head Cents. I decided, what the heck, let me go through a few of these to see if I was able to spot any Re-punched dates. To my utter amazement, I did about 75 coins and I had close to 10 I added to my list for further review. The coin below instantly caught my eye. This coin is a 1907 Indian Cent with a Re-punched date. I believe this coin is a 1907 Indian Cent, Snow #2. The coin looks like a low Almost Uncirculated, or a high Extra Fine. I'd say an AU 50 or so. Prices in the third party grading service indicate that this coin sells for $75.00 in XF and $125.00 in AU.

I currently am unable to take some good shots of this coin, so I am going to use what photos are available. I really like this Re-punched date.

The Snow two exhibits a weaker punching within the " 9" and "0" of the 1907 date. For the "9" look just above the hook of the "9".

For the "0" look in the hole, almost all the way to the bottom. You can see a slight punching within the primary "0".

It's pretty decent for a coin that is 113 years old. Have a look.










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