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1955-S Lincoln Cent CONECA RPM-002 eighteen of them !

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About a week ago, I was looking around on a popular auction house and I noticed a roll of 1955-S Lincoln Cents that looked like they have been sealed up for a long time. I noticed the old-style plastic tube. The current bid was $20.00, and the lot had 34 minutes left. I decided to visit a few websites to check out the types of varieties that the 1955-S Lincoln Cent had. It looked like CONECA recognizes five RPM's and two eyelid DDO's. I am more into the RPM's for this year, especially if I could pull a 1955-S Lincoln Cent CONECA RPM-001, which usually fetches well over $100.00 for that variety. I decided to wait until the last second, and I placed my bid. I won the 1955-S Lincoln Cent BU Roll. I paid and waited patiently. It arrived today and I brought the roll down to the microscope. It took a bit to open this 1955-S Lincoln Cent roll. The Masking tape was very old as described and was almost flaking off. I use a pair of scissors to trim away tape and have a easier time opening the roll. The first coin I place under the microscope is this coin:


Three things immediately caught my eye. The upper and lower serifs were split, and there is a clogged 5" in the date.

I knew it was an RPM I had seen before. I went to a numismatic research site and looked through the CONECA listings. This example is known as a 1955-S Lincoln Cent CONECA RPM-002. 

Later stages have the clogged "5" and the later the stage, the more clogged the "55" becomes. I grabbed a handful of empty Lincoln Cent tubes, thinking I would have a few different varieties maybe five or so.

Going through the roll, I was pleasantly surprised to see this 1955-S BU roll had 24 RPM's. There were 18 of the 1955-S Lincoln Cent CONECA RPM-002 with the same stage, and one that was either stage A or B (no clogged "5")

The other six I have not attributed yet, but in due time I will.

Here are a few more photos of the 1955-S Lincoln Cent CONECA RPM-002





So, I have this seller saved. I like the plastic tubes more than the paper tubes. There seems to be more "green slime" issues with paper rolls, although some coins can tone beautifully in paper rolls.

In any event, each one of these RPM's are close to what I paid for the entire roll. I will need to see the URS numbers assigned to this variety before I can establish a solid price per coin.



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