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197x Kennedy Half Dollar Struck Through Capped Die

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A semi popular auction house had something for auction that I have not seen in a LONG time. It was a Kennedy Half Dollar that was struck through a capped die. I know some people are say, what in the heck is that?

Within the minting machine is area called the striking chamber where blank planchets (coin blanks) are offered to the minting machine to stike and make them into coins. Rarely, one of the blank planchets make get stuck onto the either the hammering die or the anvil die ( one die is the obverse of the coin, the other is the reverse). As these planchets get squeezed into coins, and one sticks onto the die, it becomes a die that is capped. A capped die is rare, but they do happen. Once a planchet is stuck to a die, it will continue to hammer planchets as if there is nothing wrong. This planchet eventally will start turning the shape of a bottle cap and after a decent amount of stikes will fall off, or be cleared out by a mint worker. The end result is the coins that were struck by a capped die are typically labeled as "Struck through capped die". Those coins are NOT actual capped dies, but they are coins that were struck by a capped die.

Typically, the larger the denomination, the higher the value for capped dies and Struck through capped Dies. Below is the coin we have purchased. It's a 197x Kennedy Half Dollar with was struck by a capped die.

Kennedy Half Dollar Capped DieKennedy Half Dollar Capped Die

The next time I go to the "vault" I will examine this coin pretty closely. To me, it has the appearance of the beginning stages of a capped die due to the shape becoming almost bottle cap like.

Have a look at other Kennedy Half Dollars that are either Capped Dies, or Struck Through capped dies. Can you tell the difference?




Kennedy Half Dollar Capped DieKennedy Half Dollar Capped Die


Both of these are supposedly Capped dies, a two coin set probably pulled out of a bag of Kennedy Half Dollars. The Coin that is slabbed by NGC above shows more promise in being a capped die that the two examples immediately above.

What do you think ? 


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