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I recently purchased this 1866/1866 Shield Nickel with a RPD (Re-punched Date). I typically visit quite a few auction houses and select online coin shops to find something that catches my interest. This 1866/1866 Shield Nickel with a RPD (Re-punched Date) is not the "big one" for the year, but you can easily see all digits have been re-punched. The first attempt at adding the date was closer to the rim, then the second primary punching was added slightly to the north. Once I can find the time, I will add additional photos to this post of the 1866/1866 Shield Nickel with a RPD (Re-punched Date).

This coin was "advertised" as UNC. I know better, it is more than likely a higher AU. The price for a high AU for a "normal" 1866 Shield Nickel , slabbed is about $250.00 to $280.00 USD. I have not found a good price on this particular 1866/1866 Shield Nickel with a RPD (Re-punched Date), but I am looking at guides trying to Identify a price. My guess is this 1866/1866 Shield Nickel with a RPD (Re-punched Date) will be priced close to $400.00 or more.

Attribution of this 1866/1866 Shield Nickel with a RPD (Re-punched Date) is complete. It is more than likely a 1866/1866 Rays, Fletcher F-12  / Spindel S1-3005.








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