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I've been trying to find a go-to-reference for Re-Punched Mintmarks and other varieties and I really have not found a solid source. So I am going to make one based on a few simple multiplication factors.

Let me try to explain:

My formula takes;
Normal coin price x URS multiplier X dramatic effects = price
EXAMPLE:1945-S CONECA RPM 002. Coin appears uncirculated, probably MS60-63.

I go to:https://www.usacoinbook.com/coins/small-cents/lincoln-wheat-cent/
The price of a normal 1945-S in MS63 is $2.17

CONECA lists the 1945-S CONECA RPM 002 with a Rarity score of URS-3 (3 or 4 known)

Variety Rarity Scale Multiplier:

URS-20 250,001 to 500,000 known  (x1 Multiplier)
URS-19 125,001 to 250,000 known  (x2 Multiplier)
URS-18 65,001 to 125,000 known  (x3 Multiplier)
URS-17 32,001 to 65,000 known  (x4 Multiplier)
URS-16 16,001 to 32,000 known  (x5 Multiplier)
URS-15 8,001 to 16,000 known  (x6 Multiplier)
URS-14 4,001 to 8,000 known  (x7 Multiplier)
URS-13 2,001 to 4,000 known  (x8 Multiplier)
URS-12 1,001 to 2,000 known  (x9 Multiplier)
URS-11 501 to 1,000 known  (x10 Multiplier)
URS-10 251 to 500 known  (x11 Multiplier)
URS-9 125 to 250 known  (x12 Multiplier)
URS-8 65 to 125 known  (x13 Multiplier)
URS-7 33 to 64 known  (x14 Multiplier)
URS-6 17 to 32 known  (x15 Multiplier)
URS-5 9 to 16 known  (x16 Multiplier)
URS-4 5 to 8 known  (x17 Multiplier)
URS-3 3 or 4 known  (x18 Multiplier)
URS-2 2 known  (x19 Multiplier)
URS-1 1 known, unique  (x20 Multiplier)

"dramatic effect" (multiplier from x1 to x5)
X1.5 - RPM not listed on CONECA. The RPM shows little to no separation.
X2 - RPM listed on CONECA, is a single additional mintmark impression with minimal separation
x3 - RPM listed in CONECA, has two or more mintmark impressions with minimum to moderate separation (1960-D RPM 001 or 56-D RPM 001)
x4 - RPM listed in CONECA, has two or more mintmark impressions with moderate to severe separation (61-D over Horiz. D)
x5 - RPM listed in CONECA, has two or more mintmark impressions with moderate to severe separation, coupled with DDO, DDR or other significant, recognizable variety ( 1960-D small date/ large date)

So, this 1945-S RPM 002 would qualify for pricing as 2.17 (normal coin price) x 18 (URS value) x 2 (dramatic multiplier) = $78.12 (ceiling value, price subject to haggling)

The coin that is in the example above is 75 years old with a known population of 3. I realize that the RPM's are no longer being made in the US, and it has been that way for thirty years. It stopped in 1990. Prices that I see are absolutely ridiculous on some web pages, no price changes for decades, with no intentions of updating them. No one wants to take the initiative to update the pricing, so I am going to set my own standard.

Extra notes on this formula

I came up with the "dramatic" multiplier as simple and as honest as well can. I think at this point, the price would be set, but like anything else, this is where the haggling would begin. With a ceiling price known, who knows what price would be met. The infamous saying goes like this;
"The coin is only worth what a collector is willing to pay for it."
The only caveat to all of this may be the "established" pricing for RPM's listed in established third party grading sites or reputable coin magazines and books. Interest factor is bogus since it is subjective every day, I say this due to collectors looking for an elusive coin that may never become available, or the coins' existence on the market is not well known. Auction house prices turn off the average collector due to the extra 15% to 28% "buyers fee" tacked onto the sale price of the coin. Additionally a bidding war between two buyers does nothing more than say " I won" even if the coin pricing was extreme, skewing the true worth of a coin. Same can be said to auction sales when economic times are troubled, like with the COVID-19 issue. It seems there are not enough individuals providing accurate sales data on coins across the United States. In short, there needs to be a universal pricing system that anyone can sit down and determine how to figure out the value of variety that is not listed in the price guides.
This is the system I will use as of this post date, 28October2020.


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